Is this Gluten-Free??

ce·li·ac dis·ease


a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, leading to difficulty in digesting food.

Since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2014, I've struggled with fear of the unknown (and rightfully so) when it comes to dining out. But I can't live my life without enjoying restaurants and/or buying some prepared foods from supermarkets. 

My mandatory gluten-free diet has resulted in sending many hours of emails, where I'm simply trying to find out if a product is GF of not...very frustrating at times. So to make it easier for you, I've decided to start posting my results and I will always include a date so you know how current the information is:


Dining, Restaurants & Venues:

(I make no claims on being an expert with GF foods/dining; I also cannot accept responsibility for any mis-information or guidance as a result of this information posted.)


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