Is Fabletics a Scam?

No doubt you've either heard of Fabletics through a friend, or have been bombarded with ads on Facebook like I was until I decided to give in...but, is Fabletics a scam?

Late one night, I decided to see what the hype was all about, and really, I could use some fab workout clothes. Really, I could...

Co-owned by celebrity darling Kate Hudson, Fabletics promises great activewear, yoga and workout gear at great prices. Like seriously, where else can you get an adorable 3-piece yoga set for $49.95??

Olive Capri II 
As per the offer, I set out to buy 2 pairs of leggings (for yoga) for $24 USD. What a steal this was going to be! Fabletics offers cute styles, trendy colors...but wait, no sizes? 
"That's the first thing I noticed, the leggings I wanted weren't available in my size (medium). And many listings said + Colors but there were no other colors to choose from :( So I had to choose another, and then another, until I found 2 pairs that I was relatively happy about. But I did feel as I if I was choosing from a left over selection of colors and styles...hmmmm." - My Favorite Things

The second thing that came up was that since having just created my new Fabletics profile, I was given 60 minutes to take advantage of the 2 pairs/$24 offer. That pissed me off as I didn't really want to be put on a time limit, by anyone. Especially when it comes to shopping!

And of course, as per what any good marketing company wants you to do, I also added the Malaga 3-piece set above for the low, low price of $35. And then I saw this adorable fooler-stye top for the introductory prices of only $19.97.

In the end I had 2 pairs of leggings, the Tasha top and the Malaga outfit. But to my surprise when I went to check out, apparently Fabletics only let's you take advantage of one offer at a time, so if I wanted the leggings at 2/$24, I could have them but not the intro prices for anything else. The Malaga set was now $79.95 and Tasha was $39.95.

And wait, there's more! The third thing I discovered was Fabletics ships you a new $49.95 outfit each and every month based on the profile you filled out. Their 'stylists' will pick a new outfit for you on the 1st of the month, then you have until the 5th to say okay, ship it, or no, I don't want it. If you don't reply by the 5th, the outfit is automatically shipped and $49.95 is charged to your credit card. 

"My big concern through the process was what if I forget to say no? Then a shipment shows up at my door, am I going to return it? They do offer free returns but in my case, that means taking it to a post office, arghhh. It's really just too much stress for me having to remember, and I know I'd be anxious about it every time the end of the month rolled around." - My Favorite Things

And here's the fourth thing. If I missed the deadline on the 5th of the month and returned the outfit after I received it, I would get a credit. Not a credit onto my credit card but simply an 'accumulating balance' that I could use on a purchase at anytime. Really? But they already don't have any sizes and colors I want, so what's to say they will in the future??

So what I did I do in the end? I passed. I removed all of the items from my cart. Maybe someday I'll do this but not right now. While I think they do offer clothes I would love to wear, I don't like that the fact that they'll ship me a new outfit every month unless I decline. But of course, they also offered me a Fabletics $10 coupon code if I invite friends & family to purchase, but that would still pull me into the whole monthly ordering cycle :(

I also checked with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and while Fabletics has an overall rating of A-, the BBB has received 239 complaints about Fabletics, mostly due to customer service issues with returns and shipments, but especially with trying to cancel a membership. Want to read more? Here's an article by Forbes, Fabletics, Kate Hudson's Controversial Athleisure Brand, Plans to Open 100 Stores, which says in part:
"The rub, for Fabletics subscribers: if a member doesn't want to buy a discounted sports bra in any given month but forgets to notify JustFab (parent company of Fabletics) within the first five days, he or she is charged anyway. Members receive credit towards future purchases if they forget to bypass a month. 
The business model has drawn scrutiny and criticism from media outlets and customers alike. In 2013, Gawker called Fabletics parent JustFab "the biggest scam in online fashion." 
An exhaustive 2015 investigation by Buzzfeed unearthed 1,400 Better Business Bureau complaints against JustFab in just over three years."

What's your experience with Fabletics? I'd really love to hear about it! Also check out the 'melt your candle, get a ring' post: Is Charmed Aroma a Scam?

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