Fashion Secret: Third Piece Rule

Okay, I like to think I'm somewhat fashion savvy. Not trendy, but more classic when it comes to choosing pieces for my wardrobe. But what I've always lacked is how to put these pieces together so I look great...enter this amazingly simple Fashion Secret: the Third Piece Rule.

I can hardly breath, this is so excitingly easy! The Third Piece Rule fashion secret actually comes from a former Nordstrom employee - so, just what is this fantastic fashion secret?? In a nutshell, you always need to be wearing 3 pieces.

That's it. The Third Piece Rule. For example, if you're wearing pants and a top, you always need to include a third piece like a:

Jacket, Blazer or Coat

Now let's think about this Third Piece Rule. If you're wearing a plain tee and a pair of jeans, throw on a statement necklace, and you'll look totally pulled together. If you're wearing a blouse and a skirt, add a leather jacket to give the outfit some edge. See how easy this is?? 

The Third Piece Rule is all about having a polished outfit with little effort involved. So before you leave the house next time, be sure you're wearing your Third Piece!!

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