EMU Australia Ghostgum + Promo Code

As soon as I saw these EMU Australia Ghostgum summer boots (with a hidden wedge heel!), I knew I had to have them!! I just love the color, Bohemian style & cuteness, plus they're so comfortable, yum. And they've got sort of an Elfin quality, don't you think? LOVE.

And besides that, these EMU Australia Ghostgum summer boots are going to be oh-so versatile! I LOVE the above look with a long flowy beach dress, but they're also going to look amazing with shorts or a pair of jeans. 

I ordered mine last week, and true to my nature, I started looking for EMU Australia promo codes. I already lucked out with FREE SHIPPING but still wanted an even better deal! So on a whim, I decided to email customer service and send them a quick message on Facebook to ask about extra savings opportunities. And voila! I received an additional 10% discount promo code: HELLO-EMU10 - I hope this works for you, too! 

My Favorite Things.

PS. Shipping from Australia to North America was super quick, just 6 days!