Put Some Zen into Your Life

Although this article by Shannon Byrne was written for freelance writers like myself, I thought it would be a great idea to share. So put some zen into your life by checking out these:

10 Meditation Apps to Help Find Your Zen as a Freelancer!

I'm really liking Pause, as I'm a very visual person, but I'm also a big fan of inspirational quotes, as with Quotiful's Mindfulness Collection. I'm also going to try Calm because the sound of 'rain on leaves' appeals to me, as does the 5-day guided meditation program with The Mindfulness App

Check them out! And be sure to visit my Pinterest boards: My Favorite Things and Reno, Deco, Organization & Minimalism, as well as the Everyday Minimalist Bar Necklace, so dainty and pretty!

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