Fashion Trends 2017

At the start of a new year, I always like to take stock of the clothes I have. It's a great time to sort through them, making piles for giveaway or selling, and to practice a bit of minimalism. Check out my Capsule Wardrobe Addiction on Pinterest!

But there are always new fashion trends that I may or may not be interested in exploring. Let's take a look at Fashion Trends 2017!


With a prediction of $83-billion worth of sales by 2020, the athleisure trend will be around for 2017 and beyond. Think $500 Lucas Hugh leggings topped with a $400 Yeezy sweatshirt. Or maybe not? ;) Check out this budget version:

Budget Version: Yeezus Kanye West Hoodie, Yeezy Tour for $31.59

Cozy Knitwear & Sweaters that Ooze Danish Hygge

Wait, what??! Don't know what hygge is? Read my blog post on Danish Hygge! Michelle Obama (#Michelle2020) has always been a big fan of designer Thakoon Panichgul whose collections include multi-purpose items than can be worn as scarves or tied up into sweaters, starting at around $300. Hygge can also be found in items like fur slippers from Gucci at $995. 
Budget Version: V28 Women Polo Neck Long Sleeve Sweater $37
Budget Version: Vonmay Fux Fur Slippers with Memory Foam $12.99

Blush & Rose Quartz

Well, whether you're a fan or not, pale pink is here to stay for awhile. Renamed blush and rose quartz, this pink isn't just for girls - think grown up romance, strength and power. 
Vans Old Skool Tri Tone Sneakers $49.99

Primary Colors

Definitely not a fan of primary colors for clothing, but, it seems to have hit the runway in abundance last fall. You can make a statement with Prada's Colorblocked Neoprene Sneakers for $875, suitable for all black outfits, which offer colorful flowers such as daisies and tulips on the soles and sides.
Budget Option: Cole Haan Zerogrand Mary Jane Sneaker $65
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