Vacation Swimwear

If you're lucky enough during this cold wintery weather, you could be packing for a vacation in the southern sun! But what to wear?? While a bikini can be a girls' best friend, you could have a pile of 'I can't wear that!!??' next to your suitcase right about now...arghhh.

Here are some great swimwear lines that will make the most out of your soon-to-be tan lines! Let's take a look:
Lands' End - cute & comfortable!

Tommy Bahama - classic swimwear & bikinis!
Gnashswim - cute, sexy, 80s vibe??
Twenty Sauce - made in the USA!!
2Chillies - Aussie sexiness!
Gooseberry Seaside - sheer sexiness!

Private Party - sassy, playful!
Triangl - sexy, yet cute!
Minimale Animale - racy & attention getting!
My Favorite Things.