Is Charmed Aroma a Scam?

Is Charmed Aroma a Scam?

Chances are you, or someone who know in the US or Canda, has been enticed by Charmed Aroma based in Ontario. So just what is it? A candle. That's it. You're buying a candle. With fragrance. But, it heavily plays on the idea that every woman wants to be given a luxurious diamond-like ring to wear, even if it's not from her significant other.

Charmed Aroma says that every candle contains jewelry worth up to $5,000. Wow, it's kind of like buying a lottery ticket, don't you think? You may as well stick a dollar in a mall vending machine and get a ring, that way you'll be saving about $20 or more ;)

This got me to thinking about Charmed Aroma in general, so I decided to check them out with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As of December 2016, there have been 2 Reviews and 8 Complaints, resulting in an overall review of C+ in the BBB Rating System - with 100% negative feedback from consumers. Wow.

FYI: an update at the time of publication, 21 complaints have been filed against Charmed Aroma. Their overall rating is now a C.

So, is Charmed Aroma a scam? In my humble opinion, it's a great marketing ploy. And if you're willing to fork out $30 plus shipping for a candle with the chance of receiving a ring worth up to $5,000, then go for it, I'll support you. But if you're looking for costume jewelry, which, chances are is what you will receive, then I'd just go to the mall and buy something you can pick out in person for yourself. 

And I've got a great tip for you: if you've received a piece of questionable jewelry from Charmed Aroma and you're wondering if it's real, simply try to scratch a mirror with the stone. If it scratches (diamonds cut glass), you're a winner!! And if it doesn't, well, you've got a candle, yay!!

For more information, visit the BBB report on Charmed Aroma or buy a candlelotteryticket on Charmed Aroma ;)

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