Cat Caves

I have a beautiful hypo-allergenic Bengal cat, her name is Topaz. She's pretty skittish and doesn't like to cuddle but she loves to snuggle up in paper and hide. We play hide and seek, which is pretty fun, but she still scares the crap out of me when she finally jumps out and decides on her terms that the game is now over!

And no, I don't torture her everyday by wearing a hat. This is her birthday picture from 2014 that I reuse, and yes, her birthday is St. Patrick's Day 🍀

Instead of paper, and I mean any paper (newspaper, packing paper, tissue paper, my mail!!), I'm thinking maybe Topaz would love a cat cave like this fashionable, eco-friendly wool version made in Italy...
Mr. Grumpy Cat in a Storow Cat Cave on Etsy
Or how about this crocheted version that looks slightly like a laundry basket?  

CatInABasket Crocheted Cat Bed

Or maybe this handmade-in-the-Ukraine, 100% merino wool cave cave, even though it's more like a basket as well....

Super Lush Pet Bed by Ohhio on Etsy

Whaddaya think?? :) And along the same lines as allergies, be sure to check out My Favorite Things Gluten Free Quest: Is This Gluten Free??

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