Google Play Books

Are you an avid reader like I am?? I've used an e-reader for a few years now but now, one of my favorite things is Google Play Books!

It's just so much more convenient for me to read books on my phone, anytime, anywhere, over having to remember to bring along my Kobo/Kindle or tablet. And yes, I'm one of those people who actually pays for all the books they read and I highlight passages that are meaningful to me.

So why Google Play Books? First, because I've got an android Samsung phone so it's Google-promoted to begin with but mostly because of this:

"Google Play Books automatically compiles notes of my bookmarks and highlighted sections, and creates a Google Doc."

OMG, this is genius!! Whenever I've highlighted or made notes in the past, I've always thought what a waste of time it was because if I was actually looking for something, where would I find it?? Now, all I do is open the Google Doc and there everything is, all nice and laid out for me. As an avid writer, it's amazing!!

So, just what am I reading? Now, I'm totally in love with The Bronze Horseman by Paulinna Simons. If you're into Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and the whole perfect love story spanning a lifetime, I know you'll love Tatiana & Alexander as much as you do Claire & Jamie.

There are also textbooks available for rent, so be sure to check Google Play Books for yourself.

My Favorite Things. 

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