Best Bra Hack Ever

Okay, I had to get your attention somehow - this isn't so much of the best bra hack ever, it's a freakin' bra miracle!!

Do you have issues with bra straps showing when you wear a tank top or sundress? Or, are you looking for a strapless bra for your grad dress or wedding day? Ladies, look no further than BustFree™ Bra - I cannot live without mine and... 

I have only one breast as I'm a 5-year cancer survivor, so if it can work miracles for me, BustFree™ Bra will be your new best friend, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!!

What You'll Get When you Purchase BustFree™ Bra:
  • 2 super soft medical grade foam-like cups. And that's it - nothing else. Seriously!! 

At first, you'll probably wonder why you bought them but just go with it. This amazing BustFree™ bra was designed in 2003 by Australian, Kelly Westall, a former dancer/costumer designer who recognized a need for a bra that wasn't a bra at all. 

So, go ahead and put on your dress or tighter t-shirt (to begin with, so you get used to the feeling) and then insert the BustFree™ Bra cups. There you go, you're set and...

you're FREE OF YOUR BRA FOREVER!! Can you even begin to imagine??!
That's all there is to it! BustFree™ Bra make take a bit of getting used to but this really can't compare to the feeling of not wearing a bra at all! There are:

NO sticky adhesives, NO tape, NO back, NO more straps digging, NO more bulges - oh my god!!

So how does it stay in place? The material of the BustFree™ Bra cups clings to and is held in place by your clothing. Really, it totally works this way!! 

As a breast cancer survivor with a complete mastectomy (and failed reconstruction), I've never been able to wear a tank top for the past 5 years as my prosthetic won't stay in place and constantly pokes out from my bra into my neckline so I have to keep pushing the damn thing back into place. Not to mention the pain and discomfort that just wearing a bra in general causes me, it's horrible. But now, I'm BustFree™ and I would highly recommend this option to any fellow survivors - it's perfect if you'd had a lumpectomy as well! 

BustFree™ Bra is suitable for women of all ages - Kelly tells me she has clients ranging from teens to age 85!! And, BustFree™ Bra is available in 5 sizes and 3 colors. Go on, order the BustFree™ Bra today and join the revolution!! Okay, maybe not a revolution but definitely a revelation of finally being free of your bra forever!!!

For more information or to place your order, visit BustFree Bra.

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