Is Krispy Kreme Gluten Free?

Well, we pretty much know the answer to this question already: no. But I decided to ask about their specialty drinks thinking maybe I could have some sort of Starbucks-like frappuccino? 

Dear Krispy Kreme:

I have an allergy to gluten and while I understand I can't consume any of your donuts, do you offer any drinks I might be able to have?

Thanks so much for your time & take care,



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Dear Connie,

Thank you for your email regarding your inquiry regarding our product ingredients. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Unfortunately we do not have any special drinks that's suitable for our consumer's with Celiac Disease.

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Best regards,


Krispy Kreme Customer Experience

I'm pretty sure I'd be safe with lemonade, but with cross-contaminations issues, who knows? Be sure to view the complete list of: Is this Gluten Free??

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