Is Becel Gluten-Free?


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I have Celiac Disease and I'd like to know if Becel is gluten-free?

Thank you!

Date:12-12-2014 6:03 AM (GMT-08:00) 

Subject: Becel Consumer Services Case #: 12212247 

Hello Connie,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Becel Margarine. 

Our product formulations and ingredients change from time to time; therefore we do not have a list which identifies those products with allergens or gluten as ingredients.

However, you can be assured that if our products and their ingredients contain even trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, eggs, fish, soy, sulfites, mustard or wheat and ingredients that may contain gluten, it will be stated on the label.

In the unlikely event that you cannot determine whether or not a product contains the ingredient in question, we suggest you do not use it. For more specific information about the ingredients used in our products, or for other information regarding any of our products and packaging, please call our toll free Consumer Contact Centre at 1-800-563-5574; we will be pleased to assist you!


Becel Consumer Services 


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