New Year's Style Resolutions for 2015!

Happy New Year 2015!!

Ah, yes. It's time once again to let go of the old and bring on the new. New pumps. New bags. New...well, you get the idea.

But what to do about the mis-matched wardrobe you've already accumulated? My advice is to purge, swap, consign and give away what's left. If you have already worn it, you probably never will ;)

Here are my favorite New Year's Style Resolutions for 2015:

  • Be Authentic. This is the year to be you. The real you. Dare to wear what you want.
  • Pair it Down. Again, if you don't wear it, you probably never will. Try to establish a base wardrobe of fantastic pieces then add a few pieces here and there as you go. The key is 'a few'. If you've got more clothes than you can wear simply because you like choices, it's time to keep the pieces you choose over and over again, and to purge the rest.
  • Quality above Quantity. Spend the extra cash to buy quality pieces like a great cashmere wrap that can go from season to season, or a versatile boyfriend jacket you can dress up or down. Look for that one great piece over choosing a half-rack of disposable clothes.
  • Skip the Trends. Well, this is where I might vary. If  I decided to try a trend, I would spend much, much less on a trend - usually on a whim - as because, obviously, it's just a trend that will come and go. Quickly. So why even bother? Stick with the classics and you'll look more polished and professional than any 20-year-old out there.
My Favorite Things.