Black Friday Shopping Tips!! Photo Credit: NMAH Black Friday Crowds by Mr. T. in DC
According to Adobe's recent Online Holiday Shopping Forecast, American shoppers are expected to spend $1.63 billion on Black Friday followed by an additional $2.27 billion on Cyber Monday. Wow.

So what's a girl to do? Organize, plan, list and shop 'til your heart's content! Take advantage of the holiday sales but be sure to do your homework beforehand - just because it's on sale doesn't mean it's automatically a good deal :(

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Black Friday Shopping Tips:

  1. if you don't want to face the crowds, remember you can shop online for many if not all of the deals! (wear your pjs and enjoy!!)
  2. set a budget and stick to it
  3. write out a concise list of the items you intend to purchase
  4. collect the sales ads and circle the items you intend to buy
  5. reorder your list to reflect the stores that open first and what time you need to arrive
  6. take advantage of early bird and night owl shopping specials
  7. also take advantage of price-matching opportunities, why drive to more stores than you have to?!
  8. make out a planned route of what stores you will visit and when
  9. if you're shopping with friends or family, share the list so that you're only going to one department each within a store
  10. gas up your vehicle the night before as you don't want to waste time when you're on the way to shopping bliss
  11. dress appropriately as you could be standing in line for like for-ever, this is not the time to wear heels!! Be casual and comfortable - you'll thank me later ;)
  12. take the sales ads with you to avoid any confusion once you're in the store
  13. don't vary from the list, this isn't the time for window shopping! 
  14. be sure to ask for gift receipts when making holiday purchases
  15. and if it's a gift, make sure you understand the store's return/exchange policy before purchasing as this could be a huge unexpected problem later on
  16. take your own snacks, who has time to stop and eat on Black Friday?!
  17. spend wisely, don't go over your preset budget
  18. be polite, safe and please, please remember to use your manners (even if someone else doesn't!)
  19. have fun and be sure to stop shopping just before you're about to drop ;)

Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

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