Turn Your Passion for Fashion into Profit with UK's City Goddess

Don't you just love UK fashion like I do?  Wouldn't you also love to start your own home based clothing business in the new year?  Maybe it's time to make that resolution a reality.

With only a small start up cost to stock your new online fashion store with inventory, UK based City Goddess Wholesale Clothing will send you one of their Super Saver Packs containing a range of styles, colors and sizes at huge price savings!  Choose from either their:

  • 20-piece Super Saver Pack for £120 (USD $192)
  • 40-piece Super Saver Pack for only £200 (USD $321)

If you're unsure about ordering unidentified styles, City Goddess also provides the opportunity to order a themed Starter Pack box.  Check these out:
  • Floral Range Starter Pack - Party Dresses, £1,091 retail value for £250 (USD $400)
  • Glamour Starter Pack - Black & White Dresses, £1,022 retail value for £300 (USD $481)
  • Gorgeous Maxi Dress Starter Pack - Long Party Dresses, £1,541 retail value for only £322 (USD $516) - perfect for the holiday season!
  • or choose from 4 additional City Goddess Starter Pack Styles!
And just where do you start this online home based business?  Check out websites like eBay (they have a very informative Seller Information Center) and Etsy, where you can turn your passion for fashion into profit!

For more home based business ideas, visit Start Your Own eBay Business with One 2 Wear.

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