Top 5 Rated Charities in Canada and the US

With the holiday giving season upon us, I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you to choose your charity wisely before giving.  While we all want to help those less fortunate, we should also do our best to ensure our hard earned donated dollars are actually getting to the cause as surprisingly, not all dollars do...

In Canada, MoneySense magazine publishes an annual list entitled Charity 100 that ranks registered Canadian charities from across the country who are graded on expenditure to actual money spent on programs, the cost involved in raising $100, transparency and accountability, and reserve money in the bank.  

According to the 2012 MoneySense Charity 100 list, the Top 5 Rated Charities in Canada are (according to overall rating and % of spending to program ratio:

  1. Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights: A-, 100%
  2. Our Lady Queen of Peace Foundation: B+, 97.18%
  3. Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank Society: A+, 96.61%
  4. Aga Khan Foundation: A-, 94.97%
  5. President's Choice Children's Charity: A, 92.99%
In the US, Charity Navigator does much the same thing while offering an array of Top Ten Lists (including some that put an interesting spin on their ratings) - after much deliberation, I've decided to use their list of Top Notch Charities.  According to this list, the Top 5 Rated Charities in the US are (according to a score out of 70):
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