Winter in Paris Snow Globe Ring

Well, you know by now that I absolutely love Etsy but I think it's becoming an addiction ;)  But no matter how many adorable, unique and eye catching items I see, this is truly one of My Favorite Things - The original Winter In Paris Snow Globe Ring by DIVINESweetness

What makes this handmade ring so perfect is that we all dream of visiting Paris some day, or for those of us who already have, it reminds us that Paris beckons us back to her, always.

Now beware, this is one of the hot items on Etsy that always sells out quickly!!  I was lucky enough to grab one last year before they were gone - instead of the beautiful Silver combination (above), I chose to purchase the Bronze Metal Winter in Paris Snow Globe Ring.

I just LOVE this piece - it's so simplistic, yet so beautiful!  This little waterless snow globe vignette features the Eiffel Tower while conjuring up visions of winter lights along the Champs Elysées or sipping hot chocolat at a Paris café after an afternoon of ice skating. 

This gorgeous Winter in Paris Snow Globe Ring retails for USD $60  - be sure to get yours today before it's too late!  What an inspiring cool gift for yourself or for a friend.

My Favorite Things.