People Style Watch September 2012 Olivia Palermo Chic

I love reading People Style Watch Magazine, especially September 2012, their biggest issue ever!  For only $4.99 (Canadian), I think it's a fantastic deal offering insight into the fall fashion season.

One of my favourite things is on page 172.  This is Olivia Palermo (actress/model/socialite) in a classic yet very updated style - I LOVE the AGNONA double breasted sweater with its furry hem - and if you take a look at their website, you'll see more classic pieces in their A/W 2012 Collection.

And check out the trendy AGNONA wristlet purse - not your average size, that's for sure, this is a statement piece with tons of room for all that pursey stuff.  It's also available in a neutral Grey/Beige tweed.

My Favorite Things.