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I'm a big organizing fan as I've also been known to be a piler.  I make piles of everything, all over my desk, of things I need to do.  Or possibly, that I will never do.

Anyway, I love - these guys are my life savers (actually, pile savers)!!  As seen on the Nate Berkus Show (he's so yummy, don't you think?!), my favorite things include Peter Walsh's Tip of the Week, and products like their:
Grass Charging Station with Black Base

Grass Charging Station with Black/ White Base  or the

Beautiful Rosanna Rococo Noir Black Footed Square Bowl....

Rosanna™ Rococo Noir Black Footed Square Bowl 

Of course, I have no idea of what the Rococo Bowl has to do with organizing but I love it just the same...and yes, one could organize flowers or a really big box of chocolates or maybe, just maybe a square turquoise gift wrapped from Tiffany's.  Ah, to dream.

My Favorite Things.

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