Did You Get an E-reader for Christmas?

If you were lucky enough to get an e-reader for Christmas, you may be wondering what do to with it, as in, how to carry it around safely.  I have the perfect solution for you - shop for an e-reader case, sleeve or cover on Etsy.

You probably already know I LOVE ETSY!!  Who wants a boring old average case that everyone else and their e-reader has?!  Choosing an e-reader case on Etsy allows you to show your individuality while actually enjoying the case when using it.

You can design your own e-reader case on Etsy by choosing the style, fabric, and extras that YOU want.  This is one e-reader case that I purchased on Etsy for Christmas from DixiesWindow - take a look - it's well-sewn with an awesome attention to the details, well-padded, pockets for everything - yet it's lightweight and feels great when holding it in your hand.

It doesn't matter whether you received a Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony, Blackberry Playbook or even an iPad or iPad2 (woo-hoo!) for Christmas, trust me, you'll find the e-reader case/cover/sleeve you want on Etsy.

My Favorite Things.

Image: DixiesWindow