1889 Paris Exhibition Snow Globe

I’ve already featured the Paris Snow Globe from Target that I still haven’t found sadly :( - and then I found the more than adorable Paris Snow Globe Ring on Etsy.

After doing some more research in trying to find that damned Target snow globe, I found out something very interesting!  Did you know the very first snow globe ever came from Paris?

It was introduced as a souvenir at the Paris Exhibition in 1889.  The Eiffel Tower was showcased inside while featuring a ceramic base and that ever so magical pretend snow – they were then known as water globes or glass globes.

Their popularity caught on and the Victorian era labeled them as snowstorms.  They made their first North American appearance in the 1920’s where Pittsburgh entrepreneur, Joseph Garaja, obtained a patent in 1929.  And thus is history.

This is a photo of an original 1889 Paris Exhibition water globe as shown on display at the Bergstrom Mahler Museum in Neenah, WI.  If you’re anywhere near there, please go see it for me!

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