A Christmas Story

To me, there's nothing that says the Christmas holiday season is upon us more than A Christmas Story.

This cult movie classic is surely a favorite in many households around the world: who doesn't know a man who's prolific in using a few furnace words now and then; or who has gotten a present like that lovely bunny suit from a strange aunt at Christmas; or who doesn't want to win a major award?!

And, last but not least, who can forget the real possibility that Ralphie could actually shoot his eye out! Stranger things have happened, I'm sure.

If you haven't seen it, pick up a copy of A Christmas Story (Special Edition - 2 DVDs) at Target for only $22.99 - you'll be glad you did. Oh, and if you'd like to see learn more about the movie, visit A Christmas Story House where you can purchase your very own major award to give to your special someone this Christmas.

And be sure to mark it fragile.


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