Black Friday Shopping Tips

Attention Kmart Shoppers! I had to admit it but I do remember those days of the blue light specials! But I was young, maybe even a baby in a stroller who just had a keen sense of shopping awareness.

Black Friday 2010 is November 26 this year and the number of consumers out there buying their hearts out is estimated to grow from 195 million shoppers last year to 200 million in 2010. Both Sears and True Value released their Black Friday ads the third week in October with everyone else following in close suit.

Black Friday Shopping Tips:

  1. make a list of what you want to purchase along with your spending budget
  2. take the time to go through all of the flyers and find those same items
  3. reorder your list to reflect which stores open first and what time you need to arrive
  4. make out a planned route of what stores you will visit and when
  5. if you're shopping with friends or family, share the list so that you're only going to one department each within a store
  6. take your own snacks, who has time to stop and eat on Black Friday?!
  7. spend wisely, don't go over your preset budget
  8. use your manners
  9. have fun
Happy Black Friday Shopping in advance -
My Favorite Things. Photo Credit: NMAH Black Friday Crowds by Mr. T. in DC