Short-Sleeve 1947 Dress

This is another of my favorite items from the new Owner's Manual No. 80 - the Fall 2010 Collection - from the J. Peterman Company, the beautiful Short-Sleeve 1947 Dress.

How I love seeing these stunning yet simplistic dresses in those old black and white movies. The actresses looked gorgeous even while they were washing dishes! That's the life we all want to lead, isn't it?

This classic dress is sure to be the go-to item in any wardrobe. It's perfect for summer, fall, staying at home, or going out on the town - for any and every occasion.

Available in black or blue, the Short-Sleeve 1947 Dress features a standupable notched collar, beautifully tailored bodice, and that full sweeping skirt for added style.

The Short-Sleeve 1947 Dress retails for USD $139 at the J. Peterman Company.

My Favorite Things.

Image: J. Peterman Company