Sabrina High Button Jacket

The J. Peterman Company has just released their new Owner's Manual No. 80 for Early Fall 2010. One of the items that immediately struck me as a must have is the gorgeous 50's style Sabrina High Button Jacket.

Even though it's got a retro flavor, the Sabrina jacket is sure to be a favorite for years to come. Featuring a beautiful stand up collar, this cotton A-line jacket has all the details in just the right places - two pleats on the front, one in the back, and beautiful horn buttons.

And just like the ever-so-wise J. Peterman says, "if you've ever wanted to cut your hair short, this is the jacket for it."

Available only in a rich Carbarnet - perfect for fall, the Sabrina High Button Jacket retails for USD $198 at the J. Peterman Company.

My Favorite Things.

Image: J. Peterman Company