Earth Spirit Shoes

I've never really been a big fan of shopping for shoes at Walmart simply because I've never found them to be of any quality. For the most part, I've found them to be inexpensive but fashionable, and extremely uncomfortable, until now.

I've purchased two pairs of Earth Shoes - one for light trekking and another for their comfort and fashion. Here's a quick look at what I bought -

Earth Shoe Bed: (above) these cute suede fisherman shoes are so lightweight and comfortable, it's hard to believe they're so inexpensive! The insole is so cushy and flexible - these shoes are amazing for the price!

Earth Shoe Mona: these adorable gladiator leather sandals are super cute and oh-so-fashionable - I wanted a pair that would be comfortable and light - plus inexpensive to boot? what a score!!

The Bed shoe retails for USD $28 at Walmart and; the Mona shoe retails for $32.

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