The Magic of Kameleon Jewellery

This has to be the best idea since sliced bread!  Kameleon Jewellery of Canada has expanded on the interchangeable ring/pendant idea....

With over 200 interchangeable JewelPops, Kameleon has introduced their Sterling Silver Jewellery System - available for rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, sunglasses, and belts!  Talk about maxing out the value of your dollar!!

Kameleon, whose motto is 'change is natural', also provides a "WARNING - This product is addictive' suggestion.  I believe it could be but it's also an investment in style!

Kameleon goes further by using 100% recyclable packing and supporting non-profit environmental causes.  All JewelPops are easily to change and feature a non-magnetic holding system.  Kameleon also offers an amazing way to organize their interchangeable jewellery system in a Tiffany-like turquoise custom jewellery box.

Kameleon interchangeable jewellery has been worn by Fergie & Lady GaGa - it's time to make your own style statement, don't you think?  JewelPops are designed with Swarovski crystals, enamel, Murano glass & more with prices for the entire Kameleon jewellery line ranging from CAD $19.95 to $250.

For more information, visit Kameleon Jewellery.

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