The World's Biggest Free Book Club: Bookcrossing

Bookcrossing is a unique program developed in Sandpoint, ID, by the husband and wife team of Ron and Kaori Hornbaker back in 2001.
It’s simply the sharing and tracking the journeys of books throughout the world in the hopes of increasing literacy. is known as the world’s biggest free book club.
Readers are encouraged to ‘recycle’ books wherever they can – at a bus stop, a park bench or wherever a book will be found.  

The cycle starts when a new reader finds a book, registers the book through, reads the book, and then releases it back into circulation.  Go, be free to travel the world, young book!  Or in the words of The New York Times, "if you love your books, let them go."
Readers can go online to track their book to see where it ends up.  The goal of is to ‘make the world one big library.’  Pretty cool, huh?  I think so.  Check it out.
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