Footzy Rolls - Have you Seen These Yet?

Footzy Rolls, "the rollable shoes," are a great idea for party goers and travelers alike!

The idea is perfect: roll them up, put them in their pouch, put them in your purse or bag, and then pop them on when your feet are tired and need a break from those staggering heels some of us like to wear.  No need to lug another pair of shoes around or hide a spare pair under your desk.

Footzy Rolls come in different styles including: a polyurethane 'everyday' style available in black, gold, and silver; 'limited edition' in pink, gold, and black; as well as a white 'wedding' style Footzy.

Both waterproof and skid proof, these adorable Footzy Rolls would make great gifts, don't you think?  They retail between USD $25-30 and are available at Footzy Rolls.

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