The J. Peterman Company Owner’s Manual 73 – Christmas 2009

“Travelling the world to find uncommonly good stuff,” The J. Peterman Company recently released their Christmas 2009 Owner’s Manual.  I love everything about J. Peterman and was introduced to him/them/it on the comedy show Seinfeld, of all things.
I love John Hurley’s voice and believe that he truly made the character come alive.  When I glance through the catalogue, I can almost hear him describing each piece as if it were a romantic poem.

Things that caught my eye in this edition include the versatile Velvet Gloves (available in black, dark purple, and hot pink); the gorgeous black high society Art Deco Velvet Coat; and the men’s Irish Sweater, to only name a few. 
Have look for yourself at The J. Peterman Company and I’m sure you’ll know why it’s one of My Favorite Things.