According to Wikipedia, the Hibiscus plant is native to many countries in the world.  This particular coral colored plant is native to my living room!  In winter, in Canada!

I am so excited to see it bloom again, I just had to show it off!  I bought this plant (with a twin that sadly passed away) two years ago at our local WalMart for $12 each.  They bloomed like crazy all through the summer and I pruned them back and brought them in for the winter.  

I put the surviving Hibiscus back out for the summer but, alas, no blooms appeared.  I noticed about a month ago the plant was once again growing and apparently this is when they begin to bloom.  This is my 3rd, 4th, and 5th flower since October - with another two buds to open, and hopefully, many more!

And this comes from a self-confessed plant killer.  Amazing!


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