Packing Light: Vacation Makeup Essentials

When I'm traveling, I hate taking too many things. I've been trying to streamline my makeup collection for years and now when I'm traveling, I've finally learned that less is more! Let's take a look at Packing Light: Vacation Makeup Essentials.

Sephora Z Palette - LARGE
Sonia Kashuk Deluxe Travel Brush Set
STUDIO 10 Age Defy Skin Perfector

Benefit Life of the Party Makeup Palette Beauty Blowout Full Face Makeup Kit
Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Eyeshadows in NUDE -
LOVE how you can play with the colors, while creating daytime looks & smoky eyes!
Clinique All in One Color Palette - covers all of the basics for lips, eyes & face!

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes - can't do without these, they're gentle & perfect for sensitive skin!

DuaFire Cosmetic Bag Double Layer Dot Pattern Travel Bag - could it get any cuter??!

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Vacation Swimwear

If you're lucky enough during this cold wintery weather, you could be packing for a vacation in the southern sun! But what to wear?? While a bikini can be a girls' best friend, you could have a pile of 'I can't wear that!!??' next to your suitcase right about now...arghhh.

Here are some great swimwear lines that will make the most out of your soon-to-be tan lines! Let's take a look:
Lands' End - cute & comfortable!

Tommy Bahama - classic swimwear & bikinis!
Gnashswim - cute, sexy, 80s vibe??
Twenty Sauce - made in the USA!!
2Chillies - Aussie sexiness!
Gooseberry Seaside - sheer sexiness!

Private Party - sassy, playful!
Triangl - sexy, yet cute!
Minimale Animale - racy & attention getting!
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Is Charmed Aroma a Scam?

Is Charmed Aroma a Scam?

Chances are you, or someone who know in the US or Canda, has been enticed by Charmed Aroma based in Ontario. So just what is it? A candle. That's it. You're buying a candle. With fragrance. But, it heavily plays on the idea that every woman wants to be given a luxurious diamond-like ring to wear, even if it's not from her significant other.

Charmed Aroma says that every candle contains jewelry worth up to $5,000. Wow, it's kind of like buying a lottery ticket, don't you think? You may as well stick a dollar in a mall vending machine and get a ring, that way you'll be saving about $20 or more ;)

This got me to thinking about Charmed Aroma in general, so I decided to check them out with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As of December 2016, there have been 2 Reviews and 8 Complaints, resulting in an overall review of C+ in the BBB Rating System - with 100% negative feedback from consumers. Wow.

FYI: an update at the time of publication, 21 complaints have been filed against Charmed Aroma. Their overall rating is now a C.

So, is Charmed Aroma a scam? In my humble opinion, it's a great marketing ploy. And if you're willing to fork out $30 plus shipping for a candle with the chance of receiving a ring worth up to $5,000, then go for it, I'll support you. But if you're looking for costume jewelry, which, chances are is what you will receive, then I'd just go to the mall and buy something you can pick out in person for yourself. 

And I've got a great tip for you: if you've received a piece of questionable jewelry from Charmed Aroma and you're wondering if it's real, simply try to scratch a mirror with the stone. If it scratches (diamonds cut glass), you're a winner!! And if it doesn't, well, you've got a candle, yay!!

For more information, visit the BBB report on Charmed Aroma or buy a candlelotteryticket on Charmed Aroma ;)

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Win the Ultimate Hamilton Experience!

Didn't get tickets to Hamilton for the holidays? Don't despair! Here's your chance to Win the Ultimate Hamilton Experience!

And I'm not just talking seeing one Hamilton broadway performance in New York, noooo!! 

I'm talking about New York, Chicago and San Francisco along with airfare for two and two nights accommodation for every trip - holy frick!!!!

Enter to Win The Ultimate Hamilton Experience here!

Besides 100 chances to win for only 10 bucks, you'll be making a donation in support of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Unfortunately, the signed programs, posters and Hamilton Mixtapes are already sold out, but you can still get t-shirts and beanies, or grab a recording below. ❤️Lin-Manuel Miranda!!

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